Month: July 2021

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Weekly Market Commentary By H.E.R.O. (19 to 23 July 2021)

U.S. markets stormed to new highs during the topsy-turvy week with one of the worst-ever market breath, overcoming a sharp sell-off on Monday and the biggest U.S. equity fund outflow in six weeks, while Asia and China stocks languished, with MSCI ACWI All World Index +1.4%, Topix -1.4%, TWSE -1.8%, MSCI China -0.6%, Hang Seng…
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July 24, 2021 0

Weekly Market Commentary By H.E.R.O. (12 to 16 July 2021)

The Portfolio of Dividend-Yielding Global H.E.R.O. Innovators rose 1.1% during the week while U.S. stocks registered their worst weekly performance in at least a month, with S&P 500 -1%, Nasdaq -1.9%, Russell -5.1%, ARKK Innovation ETF -7.2%, and cloud software ETFs tumbled -3.7% to -5.1%, as data showing a fall in consumer sentiment overshadowed an…
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July 18, 2021 0

Weekly Market Commentary By H.E.R.O. (5 to 9 July 2021)

U.S. stocks registered more fresh record highs, rebounding on Friday from the biggest one-day drop in about three weeks on Thursday fueled by concerns about global growth amid the spread of Covid-19 variants, even though Russell 2000 index retreated -1.1%. Thursday’s mini rout started with one of the ugliest market opens in history in the…
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July 10, 2021 0

Weekly Market Commentary By H.E.R.O. (28 June to 2 July 2021)

U.S. stocks closed at new all-time highs during the week ahead of the July 4th Independence Day, after Friday’s “Goldilocks” jobs data for June came in better than expected, with S&P 500 rising +1.7% to produce its second-best first-half of a year since 1998, but Russell retreating -1.2%, with fewer stocks participating in the latest…
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July 4, 2021 0