H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (10 January 2019) – Toyota Motor’s move to sell its automated driving system to other companies reflects its pressing desire to set de facto industry standards in a showdown with Google-affiliated rival Waymo + Managing When the Future Is Unclear


  • Weibo moves to battle fake interactions as government scrutiny persists (Technode)
  • Mercari launches demonstration experiment using “AR smart glass” (TC)
  • Toyota Motor’s move to sell its automated driving system to other companies reflects its pressing desire to set de facto industry standards in a showdown with Google-affiliated rival Waymo (Nikkei)
  • Hitachi to double fintech sales in India as e-payment grows; Hitachi aims to provide integrated services spanning ATM and POS terminal management and payment systems for banks and credit companies. (Nikkei)
  • IRESS tipped to win 80% of wealth management market (ID); IRESS has responded to increased competition in advice relationship management tools by making it easier for advice firms of all sizes to integrate its flagship Xplan software. (PP)

BATTSS – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, TSMC, Samsung, Softbank

  • Baidu Cloud launches its open-source edge computing platform (TC)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • Facebook is the new crapware (TC); Facebook on Notice as Vietnam Tightens Grip on Social Media; If the company doesn’t comply, it could be required to store data onshore-making it easier for authorities to hunt down dissidents (WSJ)
  • Amazon reportedly acquired Israeli disaster recovery service CloudEndure for around $200M (TC)
  • Apple suppliers shudder as $160bn iPhone market shrinks; Production cut comes as valuation of 10 parts makers falls 20% since October peak (Nikkei)
  • Apple’s Tim Cook Wants to Focus on ‘the Most Important Things’ (Barron’s)
  • Nvidia, Mobileye Scheme ‘Level 2+’, Autonomous vehicle (AV) tech suppliers are shifting into reverse gear, moving back to Level 2 driver-assistance cars instead of stepping on the gas toward the Level 4/Level 5 driverless future. (EE Times)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • How four tech giants dominate China’s AI endeavors (Technode)
  • Voicing blog “Voicy” collaborates with Nikkei Newspaper and jointly develops new media and services (TC)
  • Hyundai unveils world’s first holographic AR navigation system (Investor)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • The Anker Roav Bolt lets drivers plug Google Assistant into their car (TC)
  • Tiger Global just invested $18 million in Olo, a low-flying ordering platform for more than 50,000 fast-casual restaurants (TC)
  • DARPA wants to build an AI to find the patterns hidden in global chaos (TC)
  • Logging In to Your Bank Account Is Now a $3 Billion Business; When you link your checking account to Venmo or use it to buy Bitcoins, a startup called Plaid Inc. is likely facilitating the connection with your bank. (Bloomberg)
  • NXP and Qualcomm are duking it out in world’s biggest car market after China blocked tie-up of chip giants (SCMP)
  • Vehicle screens go super-sized at CES as tech catches up (Reuters)
  • AMD shows off 7nm next-gen chips at CES, aims at Intel and Nvidia (Reuters)
  • a16z Podcast: What’s Next for Marketplace Startups (Hint: Services) (a16z)
  • Strong and Weak Technologies (CD)
  • Back to the future with ‘flying cars’ on horizon (Investor)
  • How cars are taking over consumer electronics, and vice versa (AFR)
  • Carmakers temper their enthusiasm for driverless technology; Shift in mood at Consumer Electronics Show as groups grow wary of ‘Level 3’ autonomy (FT)
  • IBM CEO Ginni Rometty’s Algorithm for Working with AI; efforts to embed AI across IBM’s business after the company unveiled a new weather forecasting system (WSJ)
  • Refinitiv’s Tradeweb Is Said to File Confidentially for U.S. IPO; Bond-trading platform could be worth over $4 billion in IPO (Bloomberg)
  • Square Deepens E-Commerce Push With Payments Processing in Apps (Bloomberg)
  • Aurora, the hot self-driving startup, will be worth $2 billion after an investment by Sequoia; Aurora designs the software on top of which carmakers and other developers can build (Recode)
  • How to Measure Customer Health in SaaS: A Case Study Featuring Zuora (CB)
  • NXP Picks Kalray to Deliver ‘Safe’ Robocars (EE Times)


  • Managing When the Future Is Unclear (HBR)
  • The Thin Line Between Bold and Reckless (Morgan Housel)
  • So, You Got Rejected. That’s Not an Excuse to Stop Believing in Yourself. (LinkedIn)

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