H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (28 December 2018) – Sony Corp., the biggest maker of camera chips used in smartphones, is boosting production of next-generation 3D sensors after getting interest from customers including Apple + 44 Paulo Coelho Quotes On Love, Life, And Friendship


  • Shareholder Retreats From Chinese Companies Signal More Gloom; Large shareholders have sold more than $28 billion worth of stock in Chinese companies this year; Margin calls were likely behind stock sales by some shareholders of Hangzhou Hikvision (WSJ)
  • Sony Corp., the biggest maker of camera chips used in smartphones, is boosting production of next-generation 3D sensors after getting interest from customers including Apple Inc. (Japan Times)
  • Connector and cable assembly maker Sinbon Electronics invested NT$800-900 million (US$25.9-29.2 million) to increase its production capacity in 2018 to meet increased orders, and the capacity expansion will continue in 2019 and 2020 (Digitimes)
  • Taiwan-based ASIC vendors expect staggering growth in orders in the next few years, driven by demand from the high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) sectors that are set to grow exponentially; dedicated third-party ASIC makers including Global Unichip, Alchip and Faraday Semiconductor have all been busy fulfilling orders from clients in 2018 (Digitimes)
  • Tech can help break free of market clutter: Info Edge/Naukri founder (HBL)

BATTSS – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, TSMC, Samsung, Softbank

  • Alibaba just gave Chinese youth another reason to never leave their desk; Alibaba and Bilibili call their joint membership “Zhai E Kuai,” a wordplay on “be otaku together.” (Techcrunch)
  • Alibaba opens futuristic hotel FlyZoo in Hangzhou (KRA)
  • Tencent will become world e-sports champion (Reuters)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • Apple Lost $11 Billion Buying Back Its Own Stock In 2018 (ZH)
  • Has Google killed the trivia star? Even as search engines find answers in a flash, there is a role for nurturing knowledge (FT)
  • How Google Plans To Use AI To Reinvent The $3 Trillion US Healthcare Industry (CBI)
  • Nvidia, AMD Gaming-Card Prices Are Tanking, Says Analyst (Barron’s)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Asia’s tech titans face Nissan-style key-man risk (Reuters)
  • China’s alternative to GPS starts global service ahead of schedule; Beijing pushes ahead on ‘Made in China 2025’ with crucial technology (Nikkei)
  • A Chill From Beijing Buffets China’s Tech Sector; In recent months, pressure to fall in line with government mandates has intensified (WSJ)
  • The Airbnb of China is using facial recognition to check in guests (qz)
  • Smartphone manufacturer Oppo develops 10x zoom for smartphone cameras1 min read (Technode)
  • Rise of foreign stars in Chinese social media marks the beginning of a new trend (TNW)
  • NEC buys Danish IT leader to bolster e-government business; Japanese company taps KMD’s experience in servicing European public sector (Nikkei)
  • Moka launches payment aggregator Moka Pay in Indonesia; Indonesian fintech player launches an aggregator app to streamline offline payments. (KRA)
  • The journey of Indonesia’s unicorns in 2018 (KRA)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • “Everything Is Fake”: Ex-Reddit CEO Confirms Internet Traffic Metrics Are Bullshit; How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually. (ZH)
  • Welcome the new AI investment overlords (Reuters)
  • The AI Industry Series: Top Healthcare AI Trends To Watch (CBI)
  • The deepest problem with deep learning; Some reflections on an accidental Twitterstorm, the future of AI and deep learning, and what happens when you confuse a schoolbus with a snow plow. (Medium)
  • 32 new unicorns are romping in Silicon Valley this year (qz)
  • The 25 most valuable American startups that died in 2018 (BI)
  • Silicon Valley’s venture boom continues despite massive volatility; Familiar warning signs have not stopped money from being ploughed into tech stocks (FT)
  • Tech firm Sigfox develops tiny tracker to help fight rhino poaching; Sigfox, known for building networks that link objects to the internet, has developed sensors able to give the exact location of rhinos using the firm’s network over a longer period of time (Reuters)


  • 44 Paulo Coelho Quotes On Love, Life, And Friendship (Paulo Coelho)
  • “The mistake I think we make in the startup/tech/VC sector is that we look at things like Google/Amazon/Facebook/Twitter, or more recently Uber/Airbnb/Slack, and we think that every business can execute the same playbook.” (AVC)
  • Warren Buffett says there are only 2 things you need to do when shares fall: “During such scary periods, you should never forget two things: First, widespread fear is your friend as an investor, because it serves up bargain purchases. Second, personal fear is your enemy. It will also be unwarranted. (AFR)
  • Indispensable Growth Frameworks from My Years at Facebook, Twitter and Wealthfront (First Round)

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