H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (13 November 2018) – Bankers Can Only Dream of Deals With Reluctant GIS Tech Tycoon Jack Dangermond; The GIS market is almost $3 billion in sales and Esri commands over 40% of market share + The Process of Meaning-Making


  • YY’s David Li left NetEase to build one of China’s first livestreaming startups (TIA)
  • Qutoutiao reports 8886.1% increase is net loss increase third quarter (Technode)
  • NetEase Cloud Music raises over $600 million (Technode)
  • Baozun Sinks 13% as Singles Day Orders Growth Decelerated (Bloomberg)
  • Fears of poor iPhone sales hit Apple suppliers in Hong Kong as benchmark sheds 2.1 per cent (SCMP)
  • Getac’s Rugged Tablet Helps Digitize Pizza Production (AW)
  • Keflavik International Airport expands use of Gentrack’s Veovo Flow Management system (TP)

BATTSS – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, TSMC, Softbank, Samsung

  • New Retail tech is backbone of Singles’ Day for Alibaba (Technode)
  • How Singles’ Day has helped Alibaba ascend on an AI-powered cloud in China (SCMP)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • Competition to AmazonGo Is Coming From an Unlikely Source (Bloomberg)
  • Half of Netflix’s new Asian originals are from India (CNN); Investors Expect Netflix Prices to Rise-but Watch for a Cheaper Offering, Too (Barron’s)
  • Apple Has a Plan B as IPhone Demand Peaks; Many Suppliers Don’t (Bloomberg); Apple Suppliers Tumble on New Signs of Weak iPhone Demand (Bloomberg)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Chinese short-video apps want to make us shop (TIA)
  • Questions raised over Bitmain profits after IPO filing; Discrepancies in profit figures cited by world’s largest crypto mining hardware maker (FT)
  • Trade war and censors blow chill wind through China’s giant tech scene (Reuters)
  • Zhongguancun: Beijing’s innovation hub is at the centre of China’s aim to become a tech powerhouse (SCMP)
  • ‘Post-90s’ generation dominates consumer spending in Singles’ Day 11.11 shopping festival (SCMP)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Bankers Can Only Dream of Deals With Reluctant GIS Tech Tycoon Jack Dangermond; “The GIS market is almost $3 billion in sales and Esri commands over 40 percent of market share” (Bloomberg)
  • SAP and Experience Management; SAP is at the center of 77% of transactions worldwide, thanks in large part to their dominance at point-of-sale (Stratechery); SAP/Qualtrics: generating X; The two are a good match, but the wedding will be expensive (FT); SAP’s Sales Army Still Doesn’t Justify an $8 Billion Deal (Bloomberg)
  • The Three-Minute Chat That Wiped Billions Off Stocks; Lumentum outlined how changing winds at a key client, Apple, hurt its outlook. Maybe the company hasn’t learned to play the supplier game. (Bloomberg)
  • Airbnb: New tricks for an old unicorn (Forbes)
  • Palantir Has a $20 Billion Valuation and a Bigger Problem: It Keeps Losing Money; The Silicon Valley unicorn, which has been run like a scrappy startup, is under pressure to remake the business ahead of a possible IPO (WSJ)
  • Spotify Falls Below Listing Price for First Time (Bloomberg)
  • Sell-Off Becomes Roughest Since 2011 on Third Leg of Nasdaq Drop (Bloomberg)
  • Is Snapchat Going to Die? (PH)


  • The Process of Meaning-Making (ZR)
  • Fools Rush In: 37 Of The Worst Corporate M&A Flops (CBI)
  • How an Intelligence Expert Helps Wall Street Mavens Think Smarter (NYT)

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