H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (30 October 2018) – Secrets of people who stay happy in the worst circumstances; The Surprising Power of The Long Game


  • Sony to pour $5.3bn into image sensor production; Japanese company prepares for ‘internet of things’ era with 30% boost to spending (Nikkei)
  • China’s finance ministry calls out Xiaomi over accounting errors (Reuters)
  • 3 points on Meituan’s unique position in digital China (TIA)
  • ASB Bank taps Bravura to introduce new digital offerings for clients (Verdict)

BATTSS – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, TSMC, Softbank, Samsung

  • Alibaba’s Ant Financial Invests Undisclosed Series B+ Round In Chinese Clothes Rental Platform MSParis (CMN)
  • Bust Looms Over $60 Billion Splurge by Korean Chip Giants (Bloomberg)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • In two sessions, $200 billion of FANG market cap up in smoke (Reuters)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Family and parenting platform QinBaoBao scored RMB hundreds of millions Series C as demand for quality education rises; The founder believes that building a platform is not enough, the app only needs good products. (KRA)
  • Top Chinese Online Brokers Prepare to Face Off in U.S. Market (Bloomberg)
  • Wingtech Technology: all you need to know about Chinese firm behind audacious US$3.6 billion takeover of Dutch chip maker Nexperia (SCMP)
  • I’ll see you and raise you – maybe not in China as Beijing blocks multiple mobile poker gambling apps (SCMP)
  • The digital decorators; A slew of startups offering digitised interior design options has hit the market in the past few years, hoping to bring order, efficiency and predictability to the legacy industry (Forbes)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • These 6 Software Stocks Could Be Takeover Targets After Red Hat Deal (Barron’s)
  • Expedia CEO Insists That Online Travel Agencies Aren’t Over (Skift)
  • Warren Buffett’s Firm Invests Millions in Fintech; Move is a departure from company’s usual penchant for blue-chip companies in steady businesses (WSJ)
  • S. to Restrict Chinese Chip Maker From Doing Business With American Firms; Washington raises the stakes in a battle with Beijing over intellectual property (WSJ)
  • Restaurants Shrink as Food Delivery Apps Get More Popular; More patrons want to eat at home, and so food chains are renovating their spaces. (Bloomberg)
  • LexisNexis Owner Leads $38 Million Investment in Quid (Bloomberg)
  • Walmart’s Jet Helps Blue Apron’s Biggest Problem: Planning Ahead (Bloomberg)


  • Secrets of people who stay happy in the worst circumstances; In the face of setbacks, some people seem to fall apart, while others find ways to move forward and continue to get things done. Are there things you can do to be resilient? (FastCo)
  • The Surprising Power of The Long Game (Farnam Street)
  • Zeno of Citium: Being Stoic (DL)

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