H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (26 April 2018) – Koh Young’s True 3D technology and Smart Factory solutions delivers every day in America in 1Q2018 + What Does Culture Smell Like?


  • 90 in 90: Koh Young America Delivers Every Day in 1Q; The high customer conversion rate and consistent growth reflects the industry’s confidence in the Koh Young True 3D technology and Smart Factory solutions (SMT)
  • China’s VIPKid Is Raising Funds at Over $3 Billion Value (Bloomberg)
  • From Best to Worst, Singapore’s Top Stock Is No Longer No. 1; Venture Corp., which was Singapore’s best performing stock in 2018 until this week, has lost almost a third of its market value in just five days. (Bloomberg)

  • 三貝德(8489)業績旺,股價突破盤整伺機挑戰新高價 (Yahoo)
  • 宜鼎推首款寬溫工控儲存記憶體;抗硫技術納基本規格 (MDJ)
  • 蓝盾股份2017年实现净利4.14亿元 同比增长28.16% (SS)

BAT – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent

  • Tencent and Baidu make strides into already-crowded short video market (Technode)
  • Voice-activated in-car commands possible as Peugeot cars adopt Alibaba’s operating software (SCMP)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Changi Airport bets on startups to create game changers: It has invested in video-analytics provider Xjera Labs to design airport-specific solutions (BT)
  • China’s upstart chip companies aim to topple Samsung, Intel and TSMC; Push into semiconductor market raises fears of a supply glut (Nikkei)

  • The profit gap between majors and minors in the semiconductor industry is as wide as eight-fold (KoreaHerald)
  • Video-binging smartphone users boost profits at KDDI and Docomo: Data plan fees likely to offset promotional costs at Japan’s mobile carriers (Nikkei)
  • China’s AI push produces a unicorn (Nikkei); ChinaBang 2018’s top 5 AI startups (Technode)
  • Pinduoduo is investing billions of dollars to help marketing agricultural goods (Technode)
  • Micro-shop Weidian rumored to be struggling amid staff exodus; the winds seem to be blowing in favor of Pinduoduo (拼多多), Yunji (云集), and other emerging e-commerce mini-programs that are innovating and creating new ways to drive traffic (Technode)
  • Why China won’t win the AI war against America anytime soon (TIA)
  • Ditching subscription-based model, iflix introduces advertisement on its platform; iflix admitted that they have been “naive” for believing that the subscription model could “easily” be implemented in emerging markets (e27)
  • Jack Ma calls for ‘inclusive chips’ amid US ban on ZTE: Alibaba head says countries ‘should have their own technology’ (Nikkei)
  • Walmart deal offers Flipkart shareholders the awaited exit; Indian e-tailer’s IPO plans likely to be put on the back burner (Nikkei)
  • China banking, insurance regulator warns of risks of online insurance (Reuters)

Rogue Tech

  • Net Elements: The Tech Company That Couldn’t Invest Straight (Barron’s)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • Amazon Childproofs Echo Speakers, Adds Age-Appropriate Audio Content; Alexa won’t let youngsters shop online, listen to foul lyrics or talk after bedtime-and she’ll praise children who say the magic word (WSJ)
  • Product to Platform — Inside Amazon’s Dominance: How to Build a Powerful, Profitable Platform from Scratch (TG)
  • Google’s Results Spark an $85 Billion Rout for FANG Stocks (Bloomberg)
  • A Tale of Two Clouds: Amazon vs. Google (Medium)
  • Schwab CEO to Amazon: Careful What You Wish For (Barron’s)
  • YouTube Remix Could Bring Changes to Google’s Streaming Music Efforts (Fortune)
  • A Benjamin Graham Value Analysis for Google (GF)
  • Microsoft is India’s most attractive employer: Randstad (Forbes)
  • Facebook’s future could look like Microsoft’s past (Reuters)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Once Market Darlings, Tech Stocks Enter ‘Prove-It-To-Me’ Era; More than a third of tech stocks in S&P 500 have declined in 2018 (WSJ)
  • WeWork’s Junk Bond Adventure Raises $18 Billion Question: Startup’s lease obligations wouldn’t be that easy to wriggle out of. (Bloomberg); More on WeWork and its bond offering: Featuring a fun new metric called “community-adjusted EBITDA”. (FT)
  • Fat Lama: The ‘Airbnb For Renting Almost Anything’ Raises $10 Million (Forbes)
  • Software Maker Ceridian Tops IPO Range to Get $462 Million (Bloomberg)
  • Sonos Files Confidentially for Planned Summer IPO (Bloomberg)
  • Bosch sees demand for radar, video sensors driving sales growth (Reuters)


  • What Does Culture Smell Like? (IF)
  • This 75-Year Harvard Study Shows How To Experience Lifetime Happiness (Medium)

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