H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (20 April 2018) – Nintendo Goes Back to Cardboard Roots to Broaden Switch’s Appeal + Profits *Because of* Purpose


  • Nintendo Goes Back to Cardboard Roots to Broaden Switch’s Appeal (Bloomberg)
  • Japanese companies see big things in small-scale industrial robots. Fanuc in February bought Life Robotics Inc, whose clients include Toyota Motor Corp and Omron Corp, for an undisclosed amount. It was the first acquisition in 15 years for Fanuc, known among investors for its huge cash pile. Rival Yaskawa Electric released its first cobot last year. Both, however, lag far behind Universal Robots, which still has roughly 60 percent of the global market and is now owned by Teradyne, according to analysis firm BIS Research. Fanuc has 6 to 10 percent market share, and Yaskawa’s share is even smaller. (Reuters)
  • DeNA and Kanagawa taxi group launch improved ride-hailing app to counter industry labor shortage (JapanTimes)
  • Seven-Eleven to start automatic check-in service for P2P lodging rentals (JapanTimes)
  • Japanese clothing retailer Shimamura to start online sales in Taiwan (JapanTimes)
  • Delta Electronics Unveils Smart Manufacturing and Showcases Integrated Robotic Production Line Application and Energy Infrastructure Solutions at Techno-Frontier 2018 in Japan (PRNews, Digitimes)
  • Atlassian customer growth hits record high, revenue up 40 per cent (AFR); Atlassian Drops 12% as Profit Forecast Misses Consensus (Barron’s)
  • MYOB’s $180m acquisition of Reckon delayed again with extended ACCC probe (AFR)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Is more consolidation on the cards for China’s co-working office space market? Mao Daqing, the founder and chairman of Ucommune, said mergers and acquisitions have helped accelerate growth at his three-year-old company, China’s largest co-working office space provider (SCMP)
  • China looks to speed up chip plans as US trade tensions boil (SCMP)

Rogue Tech

  • Now NASDAQ gets in a tangle (FT)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • How a Premium News Subscription Fits Into Apple’s Larger Plans; As consumers keep their iPhones longer, the company needs to grow its services revenue. (Slate)
  • Why Amazon’s Prime Numbers Are Both Stunning and Unsurprising (Barron’s)
  • Amazon’s New Clothes May Outstrip Department Stores (Barron’s)
  • Amazon’s U.S. Packaged Food Sales Increased 48% in Quarter (Bloomberg)
  • Amazon’s Other Jeff Steps Into the Spotlight; Retail chief Jeff Wilke talks about the company’s AI ambitions and downplays Trump concerns. (Bloomberg)
  • Jeff Bezos’ relentless pursuit of India (Forbes)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Chipmakers’ Rout Widens After TSMC Ignites Smartphone Fears (Bloomberg)
  • Stripe’s AI fraud detector is crazy smart (TNW)
  • Palantir’s New Patents Shed Rare Light On Its Data Methods (CBI)
  • Palantir Knows Everything About You; Peter Thiel’s data-mining company is using War on Terror tools to track American citizens. The scary thing? Palantir is desperate for new customers. (Bloomberg)
  • Wealthfront, Robo Advisors’ Strange Pricing Problem (Barron’s)
  • A Netflix for sports nerds: ESPN starts a streaming service; Disney’s cautious debut may mark the start of something big (Economist)
  • Start-Up Aims to Fix America’s Doctor Crisis the Online Way (Barron’s)
  • Pivotal, which makes cloud-based software that helps corporations like Boeing (BA) and insurer Liberty Mutual quickly develop programming applications, is controlled by the private Dell Technologies (Barron’s)
  • Square’s Delivery Business Caviar Moves Into Corporate Catering With Acquisition Of Zesty (Forbes)
  • Why Paying for Fast Shipping Could Get You Flagged as a Fraudster; Retailers use data-mining firms to track behavior of online shoppers and deny purchases that suggest fraud; ‘No solution is perfect’ (WSJ)
  • Venture Capital Is Ripe for Disruption; It’s time to develop new sources of capital for founders to help them solve their customer problems and avoid venture capital’s massive failure rate (Medium)
  • Startups, Beware “The Next Big Thing” (Hackernoon)
  • How Women Of The French Tech Movement Are Turning France Into A Startup Nation (Forbes)
  • Semiconductor Nanowires Could Revolutionize Solar Technology (Forbes)
  • Twitter’s Bet on Video Is Starting to Pay Off (Bloomberg)
  • Hulu’s Value Is Now $8.7 Billion, But Still Dwarfed by Netflix (Bloomberg)


  • Profits *Because of* Purpose (WP)
  • How Good Do You Want To Be? (Ryan Holiday)
  • Learning How to Learn: My Conversation With Barbara Oakley (FS)
  • How to Get People to Accept a Tough Decision (HBR)
  • Kicked in the Ass with a Golden Horseshoe (IF)
  • 5 Common Mental Errors That Sway You From Making Good Decisions (Medium)
  • Strategy for Start-ups (HBR)

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