H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (10 April 2018) – Chip equipment sales soar to record levels: Tokyo Electron, which makes etching devices, plans to roughly double its production capacity by October this year


  • Chip equipment sales soar to record levels; Tokyo Electron Miyagi, a member of the Tokyo Electron group that makes etching devices, plans to roughly double its production capacity by October this year. (Nikkei)
  • NAVTOR joins forces with Weathernews Inc to enhance service and lay foundations for artificially intelligent routing solution (AJOT)
  • Delta’s Advanced Display Technologies Enable the World’s First 8K 25,000-lumen DLP Projector Unveiled at NAB Show 2018 (BI); Delta Electronics’ Thai unit focuses on sustainable sectors such as electric vehicles (Nation)
  • Malaysia’s tech firms up prices on weaker dollar. (Star)

Pentamaster, a test-equipment manufacturer, has raised its selling price slightly because 80% of the group’s sales are in US dollars. About 60% of Pentamaster’s orders come from the smart sensor segment, while the automotive, semiconductor, medical and consumer electronic sectors make up the remainder. Vitrox Corp chief executive officer Chu Jenn Weng said the group was maintaining its selling price to stay competitive, although 75% of its sales are in US dollars. The average selling price of Vitrox’s vision inspection equipment is priced at US$50,000 and US$500,000. Elsoft Research chief executive C.E. Tan, said the group’s sales were mostly in ringgit, as its customers comprised largely MNCs in the country. “Some 75% of our sales are quoted in the local currency, so we are not badly affected. To maintain the competitive edge, we have yet to raise the selling price of the test equipment sold in US dollars.” Elsoft’s test equipment is used for checking the brightness and distribution of colours. “A stronger ringgit has actually helped us in importation cost, as we buy about 40% of the raw materials in the United States,” he said.

  • Machvision – 牧德營收創高 股價奔天價 (ChinaTimes)

牧德科技(3563)「3箭」策略持續發酵,今年又添「2箭」,昨(9)日公布3月、首季營收同創歷史新高,總經理陳復生也樂觀今年營運。牧德近期自動光學檢測(AOI)設備受惠4.0及軟印刷電路板(FPC)需求增加,3月營收1.99億元,連續11個月創歷史新高,比2月及去年3月各增加6.86%、129.73%;首季營收5.65億元,連續4季創歷史新高,較前一季及去年同期各成長8.23%、144.62%。牧德昨日股價最高358.5元,創歷史天價,終場上漲18元、5.32%,收盤價156元。牧德所射「3箭」自前年逐步發酵,第1箭FPC相關AOI設備出貨暢旺,第2箭是半導體AOI設備,第3箭傳統印刷電路板(Rigid PCB)智能4.0相關AOI,公司強調,相對弱勢的半導體AOI設備,今年展望樂觀,不讓另兩箭專美於前。陳復生表示,經過二年的研發投入,今年會是大數據與AI年,對印刷電路板(PCB)及半導體檢測問題會有畫時代的突破與改善,對客戶人事成本支出會有驚人的減少,持續地散發吸引力讓客戶更新設備。牧德今年再射2箭為第4箭全掃描尺寸量測機,第5箭擴大陸資客戶產品新布局。

Asian Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Tokyo game developer Meleap ties up with South Korea’s KT (Nikkei)
  • Fintech’s success will be measured by how wide its reach is, not by flashy IPOs (SCMP)

BAT – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent

  • Tencent eyes big picture as it forms partnership with Tang Media and China Everbright (SCMP)
  • Tencent rolls out credit system for online gamers (Technode)
  • Alibaba-Backed Carmaker Seeks $2.7 Billion to Challenge Tesla (Bloomberg)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • Amazon says there’s nothing for us to fear from its robots, or AWS to fear from Azure (AFR)
  • Why Amazon And Walmart Are Battling To Take Over India’s Flipkart (Forbes)
  • Nvidia Rising: All Roads in AI Lead to Them, Says Morgan Stanley (Barron’s)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • ASML: Arms Dealer in Epic Battle of Taiwan Semi vs. Samsung, Says Credit Suisse (Barron’s)
  • PayPal Makes a Move Toward Traditional Banking; Company partners with small banks to offer debit cards, direct deposit and other services (WSJ)
  • Tech-Powered Labels Deliver Custom-Made Clothing, Shoes in Two Weeks. Shoes of Prey runs software that prints assembly instructions on the floor of a shoe factory in China as soon as a customer clicks ‘buy’ (WSJ)
  • Walmart Is Getting Picky About Online Marketplace Sellers (Bloomberg)
  • “The Bubble Is About To Burst”: BofA’s 10 Reasons To Sell Tech Stocks (ZeroHedge)
  • Can Humans Understand How Robots Invest? A new ETF buys stocks picked by artificial intelligence. That requires a leap of faith. (Bloomberg)

Rouge Tech

  • SEC Had an Easy Time Busting a Fintech Company and Its Wizard CEO; The agency didn’t need to show that Longfin published lies, only that some insiders illegally sold unregistered shares. (Bloomberg)


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  • What 40 Years of Research Reveals About the Difference Between Disruptive and Radical Innovation (HBR)
  • An Art Leveraging A Science: Jason Zweig explained how the best managers focus on client communications (Morgan Housel)
  • 5 Ways to Build a $100 Million Company (Visual)

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